Annual Price City Cleanup Begins This Weekend


Price City Press Release

All Price City residents within the city limits may begin setting items out starting Saturday, April 14, 2018 and stop placing items out on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Price City will allow yard trash to be set out on parkways, curbs and road sides within the city’s right of way. Trash must be separated into the following types of piles; 1) tree limbs, grass, flowers, bushes, weeds, wood and other organic materials, 2) concrete, brick, rock, dirt and masonry debris, 3) metal and 4) rubber tires.

Place your yard trash away from cars, trees, fire hydrants, street signs, water meters or any other obstructions. Do NOT block sidewalks, waterways, curb and gutters with your items. Crews will collect and remove all your yard trash as long as it is separated and all piles are a manageable size. No items are to be longer then 10 feet, no items may block traffic travel lanes, all items must be placed to allow city crews to handle them safely and all piles must be secure to prevent items from scattering in the wind.

DO NOT include any domestic household garbage including acids, oxidants, paint, antifreeze, oils, pesticides, herbicides, batteries, electronic waste, railroad ties or any treated lumber.

Pesticides/Herbicides – Call USU Extension st (435) 636-3234

Collection Center List for Used Oil – Call (435) 637-5010

Commercial companies and contractors are not to use this time to have their project debris hauled off. They will be responsible for their own removal.

Price City reserves the right to reject any pile of trash or debris that it feels it can not properly handle. Residents will be required to remove such piles.

Price City will hold only one clean up this year.

Questions? Contact the Price City Public Works (435) 637-5010 or visit our website at


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