Audience Brought to Tears by Junior Miss Emery’s National Anthem Performance at Annual Pageant


By Kyler Ashby

Emotions got the better of audience members as the national anthem was sung by Junior Miss Emery Meinkina Jewkes at the Miss Emery Pageant, hosted in the Emery High auditorium, on Saturday.

Jewkes began to sing but was unable to remember the words near the beginning of the song. At that point, the entire audience began singing where she had left off. With help from the audience, she was able to finish, leaving many in the audience with tears in their eyes. 

The pageant then went on as planned. The contestants demonstrated their skills in the talent portion, including playing the piano, dancing, singing and theatrical arts. Contestants then took to the stage in their swimming suits and evening gowns before introducing their platforms.

At the pageant’s conclusion, Brooklynn Potter was crowned Miss Emery Outstanding Teen while the Miss Emery crown went to Collette McElprang.