Carbon Continues Winning Streak Against Providence Hall


ETV 10 News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

The Carbon Dinos once again beat out Providence Hall in a region game on Monday.

Carbon struggled through the first half of the game and were down by one. Noah Bradford redeemed the Dinos and found the net early in the second half, bringing the score 1-1. Shortly after, Providence Hall made another goal before Marcello Munoz made the second goal for the Dinos, once again tying the score, 2-2.

After going into overtime, Munoz knocked in the winning goal and brought home victory once again for the Dinos. The game ended 3-2.

The Dinos (6-3, 5-1 Region 14) will again take to the road on Thursday. The team will face off against Maeser Prep (3-5, 3-4 Region 14) at 3:30 p.m.

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