Carbon County Commissioners Discuss Bookmobile Contract Extension, 2019 Tentative Budget


During their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday evening, the Carbon County Commissioners discussed the consideration and possible approval of an amendment to the USL Memorandum of Agreement 190017 for Bookmobile Services. This agreement, in a proposed contract, met much discussion by each commissioner prior to the meeting.

The proposed contract included an offer to extend the current services to March 31, 2019. Commissioner Jae Potter stated that, while the contract would extend to that date, a notice would have to be given by Feb. 25, 2019 if the commissioners make the decision not to pay monies for the Bookmobile going forward from the end of the contract.

At the end of the contract, an extension could be made for an additional cost that runs just over $15,000. However, until that time, the state will pay for the services. The extended contract was approved by the commissioners.

Also approved by the commissioners was the adoption of the 2019 tentative budget. This adoption approval is prior to the scheduled Nov. 20 public hearing on said budget. County Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing stated that the budget will be made available to the public on the morning of Nov. 9 by 8 a.m.

From that time on, the budget can be viewed online or a copy may be obtained at the administration building.

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