Carbon County Event’s Center Department Named February’s Employees of the Month


The February employee of the month for Carbon County was not a single employee but rather an entire department. Presented by Rose Barnes and Shelley Wright during the Carbon County Commission meeting on Wednesday, the county’s event center department was recognized.

“We are missing one very special person today, and that is Frank Ori,” Barnes stated.

Wright shed some light on the department, stating that the Christmas Tree Regalia was brought back and was a huge success this year. According to Wright of the Carbon/Emery Children’s Justice Center, there were many people to thank for that success including the community, donors and board members.

However, Wright stated that the success would not have been possible without the hardworking staff at the events center. She continued by stating that Ori was outstanding at organizing, delegating and getting his hands dirty to make the event a success.

The entire department was very accommodating to the board members and people that donated their time, according to Wright. She went on to explain that the events center staff stayed late into the night, helped shut things down and were back again first thing in the morning.

“We have so much appreciation for Frank Ori and his entire department,” Wright stated.

Concluding the presentation, Wright informed the commissioners and listening crowd that nearly $30,000 was raised at the regalia for the Children’s Justice Center.

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