Carbon County Republican Party Selects Candidates for Upcoming Election


The Carbon County Commission Chambers were full on Thursday night as the Republican Party of Carbon County hosted its annual party convention.

The event kicked off with Sheriff Jeff Wood, who runs unopposed in this year’s election and will be the republican candidate for Carbon County Sheriff. Wood has had 26 years of experience with law enforcement and one of his top priorities is school safety. Cyberbullying is another issue Wood plans to take on and has plans for the issue.

“Being sheriff has been a dream of mine my entire life. I’m living the life everyday thanks to yours and our community’s support,” expressed Wood.

Candidates for Carbon County Commissioner were next. Candidates Kendra Seeley, Jay Daugherty, Ryan Murray and Larry Jensen each spoke about their campaign and plans if they were elected as commissioner.

After three rounds of voting, Larry Jensen was selected as the republican candidate for Carbon County Commissioner. “I appreciate this community and this is everything to me,” expressed Jensen. “When I commit to something, I do it, and I have time for this.”

Jeremy Humes spoke directly after Jensen was selected. Humes is unopposed and will be the republican candidate for Carbon County Attorney. Humes has been practicing for 15 years, many of which are with the Carbon County Attorney’s Office. ”

We have a great team here and I hope to continue to introduce new initiatives in the office,” stated Humes.

Seth Marsing, David Petty and Glenna Etzel set their marks on Carbon County Clerk/Auditor. All candidates explained they had valid experience for this position. After voting, Marsing and Petty will both be candidates for the republican party for clerk/auditor. Marsing’s biggest goal for office is making sure the public is informed and wanting the clerk/auditors voice to be heard. Petty went on to explain his experience and the need to work together as a team and being prepared for tough times ahead.

The final voting of the convention was for Carbon County commission surveyor. Jake Mellor, Tony Martines and Paul Riddle were all in the running for the position. After voting, Martines was selected to be the republican candidate for the position. Martines is familiar with the energy industry and stresses other opportunities the county has in line for energy.

Undecided at the county convention was the republican candidate for the Utah House of Representatives seat in House 69. Jae Potter and Christine Watkins, both from Carbon County, are seeking nomination. A seat in Congressional District 3 is also open. Steve Stromness of Carbon County is seeking nomination, as well as John Curtis. The republican candidate for the general election will be decided on April 21 at the Republican State Convention.

Under Utah state law, candidates have two paths to election; get 60% of the delegate vote in convention, or obtain the required number of signatures. In Carbon County’s election cycle, all but two candidates, Amber Sparks and Paul Riddle, have either gathered the required signatures or met the minimum vote threshold and will all advance to a primary election on Tuesday, June 26.


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