Carbon County Residents Encountering Strange Taste and Smell in Water; Price City Addresses Issue


Many Carbon County residents have been encountering a strange taste and smell in their water since the beginning of the week that many have described as “pond water.” Price City took to social media and released a statement to help clarify a few things in regards to the situation.

According to a press release that was sent out on Thursday afternoon, an incident was reported where a water skier was experiencing symptoms that could have been related to an algal bloom exposure. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality recently conducted a visual inspection of Scofield Reservoir. During this inspection, it was confirmed that there was no algal bloom. A copy of this incident report is available by contacting Price City.

A Facebook post was then published by Price City that addressed the issue once more.

According to the Facebook post, the Price Water Department is proud of the city’s water quality as it annually passes Utah state water quality tests at the highest levels. “A recent visit to the Price City Water Department facility located on the Price River near Castle Gate shows the water is safe to drink for use and is being constantly monitored and watched,” stated the Facebook post. “Plant manager Ron Brewer said the recent taste and smell could be caused by a type of algae seen in Scofield Reservoir when temperatures become warmer and water levels are reduced.”

The post then went on to explain that there are several different types of algae in Utah waters. “The algae that surfaces locally this time of year is not the toxic blue-green algae now appearing in some lakes and reservoirs in Utah.” 

A statement that was issued by Price City on Wednesday stated that an additional amount of chlorine was being added to the water that would hopefully eliminate the smell and taste. Price City shared on the social media post that Brewer said the treatment plant typically adds potassium that will reduce the strange smell as well as reduce any organic material that is normally found in the water.

Price City would like to inform citizens that the water is indeed safe to drink and that it is being monitored on a daily basis.

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