Carbon High Seniors Receive Various Scholarships


On their final day at Carbon High School, seniors were awarded with various scholarships offered by universities and other local entities to further their education.

Fawn Powell received a $600 scholarship from United Way and McKenzie Griffeth received the Intermountain Power Project Outstanding Student Award that amounted to $1,000. Cristina Rodriguez was the recipient of the Juanita Valera Childs Scholarship.

Emery Telcom offered $1,000 scholarships to five Carbon seniors. Alex Thayn, Jayden Hamilton, Taylor Frandsen, Madison Oman and Jared Brandt were all recipients of the scholarship.

Carbon School District also offered the Teacher Memorial Scholarship to Madison Oman, Abby Robertson, Miranda Blanton and Megan Mower, all of whom plan to become teachers in the future.



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