Castle Dale Youth Council Improves City Cemetery


Press Release

On May 16, the Castle Dale Youth City Council, under the direction of Jake Barnett and Donna Cramer, helped Emery County Archives Director Suzanne Anderson and Tennille Larsen from Worley-Jensen Monuments to locate and clean the WWI Veterans markers. Their help was deeply appreciated. Special thanks to the American Legion, Dwayne Story and Mervin Miles, and Castle Dale City.

Names of the men that served on WWI are a follows:
Ervin Anderson
David Denison
Carl Peter Peterson
Parley Anderson
Cyril Edward Fowles
Angus Rosenberg
Grover Asay
Elbert Kenneth Gillis
Lew Hayward
Grant Averett
James Lester Jorgensen
Henrey Cliff Rodgers
Chester Christensen
Basil Lake
James C. Jeffs
Grover Christensen
Lyman Larsen
Junius Day
Carter Curtis
George Magnuson
Albert Vernon Oman
Rod Swasey

If any family members have photos of these soldiers and would be willing to give the archives a copy or let the archives scan them, please contact the Emery County Archives at (435) 381-3563

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