Commissioners Approve to Vacate Oliver Lane, Welcome Roger Brooks International Boot Camp


Brooks commends Helper City for its Main Street improvements during community assessment.

Tuesday’s Carbon County Commission meeting kicked off with the commissioners taking time to recognize the patriotic holiday. Commissioner Casey Hopes wished to give thanks to all those that are serving, have served or will serve to protect our country. Not just the military, but the emergency services, officers, ambulances and the like that defend the public.¬†Commissioners Jae Potter and Jake Mellor backed that sentiment.

“Our first responders really are a backbone to our community,” Commissioner Potter stated.

The commissioners then began to tackle the agenda items, one of which being whether or not to vacate Oliver Lane as a public right-of-way. This had previously been approached at the last commission meeting as a public hearing was hosted. Research was requested before a decision was made, pending the concerns of those that spoke during the public hearing and whether or not the street may be gated.

The maintenance of the road also came into question. County attorney Christian Bryner addressed these concerns, stating that there is no clear cut answer as to whether the easement owners can or cannot gate the property; history and reasonableness of the use are factors. Nothing that is written in the easement can be diminished and the easement owners have been informed that those that hold them would have the right to maintain the road and for it to remain usable for all.

Those persons that do have an easement would have the right to enforce their rights in court and ensure that they are not diminished in any way. The scope of the easement cannot be expanded or limited. Bryner continued by stating that he saw no feasible reason to not vacate the lane and encouraged the commissioners to do so. It was decided by the commissioners to approve the vacating of Oliver Lane.

Also discussed by the commissioners was a letter of understanding with Roger Brooks International for an upcoming boot camp. After the community assessment by the company, there was an opportunity to have Brooks and his team back for a boot camp. This is a co-oped opportunity through the Utah Office of Tourism and the cost is being split between the county and the state of Utah.

Because of the timeliness of the return, it has already been signed and sent back. The boot camp is slated for a full day on July 19 and a half day on July 20. Time has been allocated to the cities and a wrap up session will be hosted with the county. This was presented to the commissioners with an opportunity to ratify and move forward with the dates that have already been set. This was approved by the commissioners.

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