CRAFT Family Group Coming to Assist Castle Country Families


It has been widely recognized that there is a serious problem in Castle Country regarding those that struggle with addiction. One side of that struggle that is sometimes ignored is the way that the addicts families are affected by the issue.

The family members of the addict are in need of support as well. The Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness (USARA) is a center that is mostly peer-ran and is a non-profit organization. They are introducing a family group and education program in Price.

This program is based on a book titled Get Your Loved Ones Sober and consists of 12 classes. Those that attend will be walked through workbooks that are given at the class that give tips and hints to get those you love sober. It will also help families maintain their sanity when it comes to dealing with those struggling with addiction.

Karen Dolan with Four Corners Behavioral Health has worked closely with Darlene Schultz of USARA to bring this program to our area. Together they wrote a grant to help assist in the cost of workbooks and a trainer. Several people have been sent to training for the program. Dolan stated that Four Corners saw the need because a large number of families are struggling. This effort is part of a statewide opiate grant funding.

“It is confidential, private, nobody needs to be ashamed. Come and realize that you’re not alone,” Dolan stated.

Schultz stated that the trainers and people a part of the group are using their own experience to help others and expressed that she came to the group as a family member looking for support in 2009. After about a year of that, she became a facilitator.

Over 700 families have been served with this program. It is non-clinical support that is going to take place on Wednesdays coming soon. The group will provide support, teach recovery-oriented skills for family members and friends of struggling loved ones. This group will be free of charge.

“Recovery is not about making a bad person good, it is about helping a sick person become well,” Schultz stated.

This program is coming soon to our area. Please visit for more information.