Creekview Chiefs Use STEM Research to Raise Rainbow Trout


The Creekview Chiefs have recently been given the opportunity to study life cycles as well as test their problem solving skills in a unique way. In conjunction with Trout Unlimited, Creekview Elementary School’s library is currently playing host to a newly hatched family of rainbow trout.

This family of trout is residing in a tank that was donated to the school by Trout Unlimited as well as the Department of Wildlife Resources. The Department of Wildlife Resources plays host to the hatcheries throughout the year and gave the eggs that were near to hatching to the school.

The opportunity was seized during this project to also create a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) challenge for the students. While the trout are growing and evolving, it is crucial that the temperature inside of their tank is at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The students were then challenged to find a way to insulate the tank and ensure that it would stay the temperature that was needed. They were informed that the library is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, giving a 20-degree difference.

The students are tasked to use scientific procedures to gather information and test their theories. Using a jar with a water-tight lid, a thermometer and various materials, the students went to work. The many options given to students include, but are not limited to foam, bubble wrap, a tube sock, plastic, ice and a glove with a pillow case. Each theory is put through a testing process and the best result will be used on the tank to assist the trout in growth and survival.

The students are also being taught the full cycle of life of the trout as well as the math, science and technology used to assist their survival. Once the trout are ready to be released, the school as a whole will be taking a trip to release them in nature.

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