Emery County Care and Rehab Resident of the Month: Ruby Rowley


By Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Center

Ruby was born December 22, 1921 to Pierce and Hilda Wilson in Price, Utah. She was the third of nine children. She grew up in Hiawatha until her junior year of high school when her family moved to Huntington. There, she met the love of her life, Ermon Rowley. They were married June 19, 1939 in the Manti Temple. They had children children; five girls, one boy and one foster daughter. Ruby took in many foster children.

She is the grandma of 29 grandchildren, 99 great-grandchildren and 24 great-great grand children. A total of 152 grandchildren!

Ruby has a very big heart and loves everyone. She loves sewing, camping, dancing and singing. She enjoyed working with her beautiful flowers and gardening. She could grow anything. She loved canning everything. She was still canning at age 94. She loved to go on hunting trips with her husband.

She made many things for her grandkids. She made care bears, pound puppies and much more. She loved to go with the senior citizens every Monday for lunch and to play bingo and visit. Ruby loved to visit and has been a social person. She served in many positions in the LDS Church. Her family says she is the best mom and grandma they could have had. They love her dearly and her family is everything to her.

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