Emery County Commission Takes Into Consideration Citizens’ Concerns


By Julie Johansen

Residents of the Joe’s Valley subdivision requested help from the county in the form of gravel and grader worker to improve the roads in that subdivision during the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday.

Those that spoke stated that it has been 15 years since any real work was done and it is needed to get propane and other trucks to the residents there. They stated that they have paid over $500,000 in taxes and now are asking for help in return. They also need to renew a five-year agreement tor snow removal on the access roads. As the item was not on the agenda, no formal action could be taken so the commissioners will discuss the matter and review the request at a later time.

Randy Johnson, Government Matters LLC, reported that Hurricane Florence has created a need for Congress to go into recess and leave Washington DC. That means it is still a waiting game with the public lands bill, which is waiting for two mark-ups before being presented for a vote. The number of bills wrapped into the package is still unknown but although there have been some word changes, the intent of the bill remains the same, Johnson explained.

The commission also approved tax abatements for some low income, veteran and blind citizens and a $250 donation was approved for the Veteran’s Memorial Monument in Ferron.

Also at the meeting, a contract between Emery County and John Van Wagoner’s band for music at the Joe’s Valley Bouldering Festival in the amount of $1,200 was also approved. This will be paid with TRT money.

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