Emery County Employees Facing New Personnel Policies and Procedures


By Julie Johansen

Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen presented a slideshow presentation regarding the updating and revision of the current personnel and procedure manual to county commissioners at a recent meeting. The manual was comprehensively revised three years ago, but for employee comprehension and to meet constantly changing state statues changes, revisions have once again been made. Some of the changes included employee classifications and re-classifications, reduction in force policies, retentions, hiring, political campaign requirements, annual and sick leave, and many others.

The commission voted to table any action on the manual until all department heads have seen and read the new changes. It will be placed on the next meeting’s agenda.

Also during the meeting, letters regarding flood control relief caused by the Trail Mountain Fire from the federal government were ratified as the letters had already been sent. These letters are required if assistance is needed. The Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan was also approved.

An memorandum of understand between the Bureau of Land Management and Emery County for noxious weed control was also approved. A confidentiality agreement with Community Solar was also approved so that negotiations could begin with the solar company, if desired.

Commissioner Kent Wilson explained that many businesses are sponsoring venues and activities at the county fair coming in August. This has made it possible to increase the number of activities contracted for the 2018 fair. New this year will be an ATV rodeo and ATV derby contracted with Brett White. Also, a fish rodeo for youth with a grill for cooking once caught will be featured. The county is also proposing a buy one, get one free swim day at the Aquatic Center on Thursday, Aug. 2.

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