Emery County Honors Employee of the Month


By Julie Johansen

Adrianna Downard and Emery Aquatic Center staff members presented Keldan Guymon with the employee of the month award at Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday.

Guymon is a student at Emery High School. He is often called on to open the center early before school, attend school, participate in athletic events and return back to the center to work for the evening. According to Downard, he is more than willing to fill in whenever needed. He is a member of the track team at Emery High and was on the varsity swim team. Guymon is the son of Jeff and Joyce Guymon from Huntington.

Tennant Lawn Care was awarded a contract with Emery County for the care of seven libraries and the road shop lawns. This contract runs for three years and carries an option to renew at the end of the contract. The Emery County Travel Bureau received approval for several items on the agenda. The application for a state parks grant to buy a trail cat was ratified.

The Heritage Days Rodeo received approval for a match grant in the amount of  $35,000 while Melon Days Cruise Car Show received a grant for $1,700. The travel bureau application for grant funding through the Utah Office of tourism for marketing projects was approved to help advertise Emery County out of the state. Tina Carter of the bureau was approved to attend four travel shows; Go West, Quartzite, Sportsman Expo and Travel Advent Show.

Also discussed was the “The Wonders of the Swell” photo contest, which has an agreement with Bob Maynard, who will judge the contest, and also with Earl Correy, who will provide two musical performances at the event.

Johansen & Tuttle Engineering expressed interest in receiving funding from the federal government to improve rural roads. They are considering the Furniture Wash area, which is a cut off road from Highway 6 to Highway 10. This will require much more study and investigation.

Randy Johnson reported on the Emery County Land Bill’s progress in Washington D.C. It was introduced last week and is scheduled for a hearing in the house in June. According to Johnson, the support still seems strong and is moving along as presented with only a few language changes.

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