Emery County Plays Host to Operation Spartan


Emery County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

Operation Spartan was hosted in Emery County May 14-17.

The first two days of the exercise consisted of HazMat training at the PacifiCorp Hunter Power Plant. Members of the UTARNG 85th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (85th CST) trained with Region 6 HazMat Team members from Carbon and Emery counties, as well as employees/emergency responders from the power plant. The 85th CST is a 22-member team available 24/7/365 at no cost to the requesting authority. They are all HazMat Technician qualified and trained in confined space rescue, rope rescue and trench rescue. They have specialized capabilities and a mobile analytical lab to provide onsite analysis. They also have capabilities to provide decontamination of first responders. With their knowledge and expertise, the 85th CST created scenarios based on chemicals that are commonly on site at the power plant.

A tabletop discussion was held with plant personnel and Region 6 HazMat Team members. ECSO/Emergency Management expresses thanks to the Hunter Plant for allowing this technical training in their facility, and to the 85th CST and Carbon County HazMat for participation in the exercise. These partnerships and joint training will be very beneficial in times of actual emergency or disaster.

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