Emery County Republican Convention Selects Nominees for 2018 Election

By Randy Johnson
Emery County Republicans met for their annual convention on Thursday at Huntington Elementary School. Over 95% of the people who were elected county delegates at their various caucus meetings were in attendance.
First up was the usual housekeeping, with delegates approving the agenda for the night and the minutes from the last convention, and then hearing the treasurer’s report. This was followed by nominations and acceptance speeches by the candidates.
Those nominated as candidates for the upcoming election cycle were:
Kent Wilson, County Commission seat A, unopposed
Gil Conover, County Commission seat B, unopposed
Sheriff Greg Funk, incumbent, County Sheriff
Keaton Cowley, County Sheriff
Brenda Dugmore, incumbent, County Clerk-Auditor
Russell Larsen, County Clerk-Auditor
In the results of the balloting, Brenda Tuttle received over 60% of the votes in her race against Russell Larsen, and Sheriff Greg Funk received just under 60% in his contest with Keaton Cowley.

However, under state law, candidates have two paths to election; get 60% of the delegate vote in convention, or obtain the required number of signatures. Since all the candidates had gathered the required signatures, those candidates running for sheriff and clerk-auditor will all advance to a primary election on Tuesday, June 26.
In other business, the delegates discussed the need to change the county constitution and by-laws to be in compliance with state law. The current constitution and by-laws stated that any candidate who received 60% of the delegate votes would go directly to the general election. However, under state law, and as stated above, a candidate may also obtain the required number of signatures to assure a place on the primary ballot. Tom Hansen explained the needed changes and, after much discussion and clarification, the delegates voted to make the necessary changes to bring county policy into compliance with current state law.
Delegates then heard from a number of people representing those who are running for the United States Senate to replace retiring Senator Orrin Hatch and for Congressional District number three, where Congressman John Curtis is running for re-election. They also heard from Representatives Christine Watkins and Carl Albrecht, both running for re-election to the State House of Representatives.
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