Flood Infrastructure Project Continues in Price City


The Price City Flood Infrastructure Project is well underway, nearing completion in some areas.

The Price City Council approved a contract with Nelco Contractors in June for flood improvements throughout Price. An update on the project is provided below on the project.

The water line on 900 North, across Meads Wash, has been replaced and water is back in service. The concrete structure around the main water line, as well as the cutoff walls at the up and down stream ends, have been started.

A lot of progress has been made along 800 North. About 600 feet of storm drain pipe has been installed. The concrete headwall on the downstream side of 800 North at Meads Wash has been poured, almost completing this part of the updates along 800 North. This headwall focus the storm water down stream. Next week, a 36″ diameter pipe will be installed that will continue up to 700 East.

Another headwall will soon be under construction along 100 North beginning next week. Crews have mobilized and cleaned out the work area. A larger diameter culvert will be extended about 100 feet upstream. This pipe will be delivered on Tuesday, after which the installment of pipe and preparation for concrete walls will take place.

Work along 400 North is still pending approval. Price City received feedback from FEMA on the application for this location and the city is optimistic about gaining approval in the next couple of weeks. In addition to gaining approval, the city received an easement for a new gas line form the adjacent property owner. Crews have began clearing trees so the line can be installed. The installment of the gas main with help the construction of the new culvert to move forward.

In addition to the plan of the Flood Infrastructure Project, Price City obtained additional funding from the Community Impact Board to do work on three other locations. These locations include 300 North at Meads Wash, the canal crossing under Meads Wash and the water line at Grassy Trails. Price City is working with Nelco to incorporate these additions into the schedule and finish them as soon as possible.