Food for Thought: Student Feedback Appreciated


By Patti Rigby, Carbon School District Nutritional Director

Since the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 went into effect, dramatic changes took place in school lunch. A complaint by students from day one was the whole grain pasta. Whole grains in other areas were eventually accepted as they showed up in school lunch bread, pizza crust, donuts and cookies. Changing up a kid staple such as spaghetti or mac and cheese was never totally accepted.

With the new administration, there is a grain waiver application. While we haven’t received one yet, we’ve made the jump to white pasta. Students will begin to notice the changes in spaghetti and lasagna bake first. We will longer meet the grain requirement with white pasta so kids will be offered an additional serving of a roll or other acceptable grain to complete their meal nutritionally.

We are here to serve students first and foremost so their feedback is appreciated!

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