Four Emery Wrestlers Gain Gold Medals and Several More Medal at State Jr. High/ Middle School Tournament


By Julie Johansen

Ending the year on a high note, junior high and middle school wrestlers from Carbon and Emery counties scored big at the state meet at the Sevier Valley Center over the weekend. Medals were awarded to the top six finishers in each weight and class division.

At the end of the tournament, Emery’s Hayes Dalton and Easton Thornley as well as Monty and Byron Christiansen were sporting gold medals on the podium, going undefeated over the weekend. Two other wrestlers, Jess Christiansen and Maddex Christman, both from Emery, lost only one match to walk away with silver medals.

Thomas McElprang, Emery, was also among the parade of champions and placed third. Tyler and Mason Stilson both placed fourth. Rounding out the medal winners for the Emery squad were Braxton Ward, Merritt Mecarellio and Sid Christiansen.

The tournament featured teams ranging from 1A to 4A. There were 35 teams qualified to enter the tournament and Emery garnered 122 points to place ninth. The team from Carbon earned 39 points, good for 21st place.

Jacob Robertson led the Carbon squad with a second place finish followed by Braxtin Henries in third. Carbon’s Dominick Madden and Peyton Kimber both finished in fourth while Brax Tapia earned fifth. Rounding out the Carbon team was Brandon Williams and Kaylob Mitchells, who both placed sixth.


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