Goblin Valley Vandalism has Emery County Attorney’s Office Concerned


A recent You Tube video posted earlier this week has drawn the attention of many including the Emery County Attorney’s office. The video clearly shows three individuals defacing property at Goblin Valley State Park.

Located approximately 20 miles north of Hanksville, Goblin Valley is home to a vast amount of geologic history. Exposed bedrock formations have withstood decades of weather and erosion making the state park a popular tourist attraction. With that in mind, the destruction of a rock formation known as a goblin has many in an uproar.

The three individuals who appear on the online video, document the incident which clearly appears intentional. A large rock balanced atop a red dirt formation is pushed off it’s original resting area. The individuals joke that by ruining the goblin, lives have been saved. The careless act has the Emery County Attorney’s office looking into the matter.

“Many inquiries have been made to the Emery County Attorney’s Office regarding the video of the rock being tipped over in Goblin Valley State Park,” explained the attorney’s office through a press release issued Friday afternoon. “The county attorney’s office has spoken with the state park representative but as of this date, no reports have been submitted and no charges have been filed. The county attorney’s office will review the case upon completion of the investigation and determine what action to take at that point.”

Further details and information will be posted to etv10news.com once available.



4 thoughts on “Goblin Valley Vandalism has Emery County Attorney’s Office Concerned”

  1. Hatterasman says:

    I saw these morons on TV last night actually defending their pathetic decision to destroy the rock formation. Speaking as a former Scout leader myself, I hope they are all convicted and sent to federal prison, cameraman included, and the Boy Scouts of America should be leading the call for that to happen. What a great way to teach our youth that history has no value. The behavior of these idiots is one of the reasons why the Bureau of Land Management closes federal lands to the public.

  2. notfromhere says:

    I’ve seen the video footage and the scout leader is huge and he pushes with all his might to get the rock to fall. Then he proclaims that he is “saving lives, one rock at a time.” What’s his plan? to knock them ALL down to make it “safe” for every visitor to Goblin Valley? Years ago when I visited there, there were signs saying to stay off the rocks, to stay on the paths and trails. This scout leader says his scouts were climbing on these rocks and that’s why he thought it was unsafe. They weren’t supposed to be on them in the first place. His example is one of total disrespect for not only the park, but for all others who would come to see these formations, and especially for the scouts who were in his charge. I hope he and his accomplices will be charged to the full extent of the law.

  3. bob.orchard says:

    As an Eagle Scout – I don’t agree with their actions at all. I would have reported it and left, that’s what we’re trained to do as a scout – to leave nature as good as or better than we left it.

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