Guidelines: Easter Light


By Simon Ambit

Beginning the work day before the sun does is a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, it can be hard to jump out of bed and be excited to head off to work when the 5 a.m. sleep bugs are still trying to pull the shudders closed on your eyelids. On the positive side, I love to step off the porch and into the crisp morning air as I draw a few deep breathes of the fresh unbroken silence of the unborn day. The coolness fills my lungs and fires endorphins that energize my will and enlighten my mind.

As I pull the truck onto the dark road, I find myself singing and drumming along to songs from the local station playing in the background. The small backroad is lit only by the candescence of my headlights as I drive through the darkness. The reflective paint of the center line guides me along and as I approach an upcoming corner, warning arrows stand at attention alerting me to prepare for the maneuver.

Along the way, various parts of the drive are lit in different ways. As I get closer to town, there are lights from homes and business. Along the highway and through town, there are overhead lamps to guide the way. At the bigger intersections, there are flashing signs or traffic lights to direct traffic flow.

As I drove to work with this Easter season upon us, it strikes me that these lights are like our faith. At some points in our journey of life. we travel down very familiar roads where the direction is marked by overhead lamps and flashing signs telling us well in advance what to do and when.

At other stages in our commute of life, however, there are paths that we follow that are illuminated solely by the light that we ourselves carry. Like the headlights along the backroads, we can see where we are going only as long as we keep moving forward. We drive on into the darkness and as we do so, the path and the warning signs ahead are made clear just a little farther as we continue to progress toward them.

As we take some time this Easter season, let us focus upon our faith; that belief in something that is hoped for but not yet known for a surety, that trust in something not yet seen. May we focus our faith upon our Savior and Redeemer, who is the reason for the Easter season and the source of hope and faith. Let us try to be kind and forgiving, devoted and humble, honest and faithful, just as He is.

Life is good! Keep moving forward and let your good light shine. Happy Easter everyone!

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