Guidelines: Lad and Lunker


By Simon Ambit

As the sun drops lower and lower in the sky, it appears to be slowly submerging into the water as it snorkels behind the western horizon over the banks of the reservoir. With the retirement of the sun comes the recruitment of its lunar counterpart rising above the eastern banks in full illuminated status. The temperature lowers to about 70 degrees, the wind slowly fizzles and drifts off down a lonely canyon to sleep and the water of the reservoir turns to mirror of glass.

The setting becomes perfect as the sounds of a few remaining birds call out against the curfew of sundown and the lulling sounds of the electric motor pulls the small vessel slowly atop the water, as the sounds of the repeatedly casted lure glunks into the water and is retrieved under the ticking reel. You can almost feel the magic of the moment before it occurs; then all at once the setting of near euphoria is converted to instant excitement as the tip of the flexible fishing rod jerks toward the water and the water boils in a small churning a few yards behind the boat!

The large fish dives for the safety of deeper water and the young fisherman tucks the rod under one elbow and the belly of his lifejacket, struggling to keep a grip as the fish overpowers the drag of the reel and takes yards and yards of line in the murky water below. After several long minutes of struggling battle between lad and lunker, both are tiring and the young boy asks his dad to take over. To this call for help, the dad responds that though he is nearby to help and support, he knows that his son can win this battle on his own. With this reassurance of ability the young boy continues to lift and reel and grip and struggle, until finally the fish is pulled to the surface, netted by dad and taken back to the house boat for an evening of stories and well deserved bragging rights!

The young fisherman was on cloud nine from the whole ordeal and found an elevated sense of accomplishment and self confidence in being able to reel in the large fish all on his own. What a great thing it can be to have those around us who support us in our battles, who cheer us on, who offer comfort, care and support. They also see the strength and ability deep within us so as to leave us just enough room to accomplish things on our own, things which we (in the moment) did not think we were capable of attaining.

Like my little fisher buddy, may we all hold on tight and be patient against the struggle when the battle is tough. May we lift and reel with all that we can muster. In the end, we can hold up our accomplishments and say to the world, “Check it out, look what I did!” Life is good and you are big enough! Good work J-Man!