Guidelines: Small Moments


School books with apple on desk

By Simon Ambit

There have been trips to the lake, sleep-outs on the trampoline and backyard hot dog roasts. There have been days at the pool with nighttime s’mores. As well as summer projects, wars with weeds and plenty of to-do lists. Through work and through play, the summer break draws to a close as the doors open and students go back to school.

It’s always a bittersweet thing to have the kiddos go back to school. On the one hand you’re glad to see them learning and progressing, gaining new friends and knowledge. On the other hand it feels as if it closes another chapter of added family time, with added weekday obligations that jockey for the precious time we get to spend with our children.

As they go back to school, may we look for opportunities to continue to spend quality time with our children. There are ample opportunities to volunteer at most of the schools in the area; whether it be in the classroom, the office, behind the scenes, on the field, or maybe an after school program. One-on-one time, helping with a scout group and sitting with children as they do their homework are classic and much needed opportunities.

It is not the quantity of time, though as a rule more time is better, it’s the quality of the time spent which creates the investment. What is something small that can change today and allow us to spend quality time with our children? Can schedules be adjusted slightly allowing the family to eat meals together? Can we turn the radio off and talk as we drive? Can we turn the television and devices off, interacting with one another face-to-face instead of text-to-emoji? Can we take just a few more minutes to read the little one a bedtime story before giving hugs and plugging in the night-light?

Whatever it is, make it happen in quality amounts. Life is good but life is busy and if we’re not careful, we can let the busy of today scoop us into its net and bind us down with the cords of guilt. Don’t feel weighed down due to feelings of not “spending enough time” with family. Recognize rather that time is a scrimmage with so many factors and obligations battling for position. Find confidence in that we need only to spend little moments, if spent correctly, to make a big difference.

I believe the greatest impacts that are given or received in this life will take place in small moments within the circles of family. With the season of back to school upon us, may heaven bless you great teachers who assist us in educating our children. And may we as parents have heaven’s blessing as we strive to raise good boys and girls who will grow to be great men and women.

“The best way to educate children is to spend quality time with them.”  -Condrut Magheru