Guidelines: There is a Man


By Simon Ambit

There’s a man in my childhood who was everything to me,
He was my living room pony, with a bounce on his knee.
I could fly with his help, as he held me over his head
And then put me down gently and tucked me into bed.

There’s a man from my boyhood, who was my superman’s cape;
We would play cops and robbers and make daring escapes.
We would search from lost treasure and sail the high seas;
And then we’d pray at bedside together down upon our knees.

There’s a man from my youth that stands strong and tall,
He could do everything and was hurt by nothing at all.
He coached me in sports and taught me to swim.
So much of what I was becoming was a shadow of him.

He taught to bait my own hook, to hunt, to fish and to fight;
To get up early in the morning and get plenty of sleep at night.
He showed me how to work and that freedom is earned,
He was always teaching and I’m grateful for what I learned.

There’s a man in my young adult time, who taught me to drive,
Who taught me respect and for honor to strive.
He showed me a few things, which at one time or another,
Were given with council “Now, don’t tell your mother.”

There’s a man in my life, with mountains still to climb;
And he’s showing the effects of the demands of his time.
He’s getting a little bent, from the bumps and the breaks,
And the getting from there to here, a bit more time it takes.

Though he moves a bit slower, than he did when I was smaller;
In my eyes, Dad, you have never stood taller!
Thanks for the teaching and all that you did,
The heritage continues in the lives of my kids.

So, here’s to the lessons you’ve taught the years through;
I am still striving and trying to become more like you.