Helper Artists to be Featured in Salt Lake City


An array of Helper artists will be in the spotlight at the upcoming Square One: Helper Artists of Utah exhibit in Salt Lake City.

The exhibit, located at Finch Lane Gallery, will run from Jan. 12 through Feb. 23 and feature works from a variety of local artists, a complete list of which can be found below.

“Once an abandoned mining town, Helper, Utah is now a thriving art community,” exhibit organizers shared. “The success of Helper was an unintended consequence of the desire of a number of educators, led by art professors David Dornan and Paul Davis, who found that the lonely town offered not only the solitude they needed for creativity in their own work, but affordable space to teach serious art students the fundamentals of drawing and painting contemporary realism.”

This exhibition examines the work of a number of extraordinary artists who studied at the Helper school and who attribute their level of artistry and success to the generosity and talent of its teachers, according to exhibit organizers.

The opening reception for the exhibit is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 19 from 5-9 p.m. There will be a panel discussion from 5-6 p.m. with speakers Paul Davis, David Dornan, John Erickson and Tony Smith. Curator Donna Poulton will be the panel facilitator.

Finch Lane Gallery can be found at 54 Finch Lane in Salt Lake City. For more information, please call the gallery at (801) 596-5000.

Participating artists include:
Paul Davis
David Dornan
John Erickson
Rob Adamson
Lane Bennion
Erin Berrett
Brian Blackham
Doug Braithwaite
Charles Callis
Wendy Chidester
Silvia Davis
Nick Frappier
CJ Hales
Janell James
Anne Kaferle
Kate Kilpatrick-Miller
Patricia Kimball
Marilou Kundmueller
Kathryn Martinez
Aaron Memmott
Anne Morgan-Jespersen
Zachary Proctor
Hadley Rampton
Kathleen Royster
Andrew Skorut
Brad Slaugh
Tony Smith
Charley Snow
Ben Steele