Helper City Council Presented With Petition to Rescind Dog Restriction Ordinance on Helper Walkway


Michele Goldsmith approached the Helper City Council on Thursday with a petition stating that community members would like the ordinance not allowing dogs on the walkway to be rescinded.

The petition was signed mostly during the First Friday dog contest and at the SDAT community meeting. Goldsmith stated that, as a community, they will have stands along the walkway where dog owners are able to collect bags to pick up after their companion.

Trash cans are already along the walkway and the animal waste can be disposed of discreetly there. Council member Thomas Williams stated that he agrees that this is a good idea and agrees that the council should address it. To Williams, it would be good for the city as more people move to the area.

However, Williams did state that the city must be vigilant about leash laws to ensure that safety is exercised.

“I would like the city council to think about, maybe at some point in the future, way on the outskirts on town, maybe setting aside some place for the dogs to play together,” Goldsmith also proposed.

A representative of the Helper Project also stood and spoke to the council, stating that they have spoken to some of the council in the past about putting in the stands for the bags. However, they would need to be resupplied periodically.

A citizen also chimed in, stating that Helper City needs to be a dog friendly town. The council members agreed to draft a new ordinance to be discussed at a later date.

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