Huntington City Struck by Vandalism


Huntington City was the victim of recent vandalism as damage incurred at the concession stand bathrooms on Main Street.

According to the city, two paper towel holders were damaged in the bathrooms. A diaper changing station was also removed from the wall and the restrooms were flooded with water. Garbage was strewn throughout the restrooms.

“We caught the vandals who did the damage to the new bathrooms on Main Street,” said Huntington City Councilwoman Gloria Wilson. “We will be sending their parents a bill for the damage.”

Due to the vandalism, the concession stand bathrooms will be locked for the remainder of the summer. Visitors may use the restrooms at the visitor center on Main Street, which has an adequate surveillance system.

City officials are asking residents to contact the Emery County Sheriff’s Office if they ever witness something suspicious.

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