Jonathan Kessler Leads His Team to a Win


Press Release

Part of the Kings Basketball League, the Green Team, sponsored by JB’s, hit the court on Thursday for its first regular season game against a team they had yet to face, the Gold Team sponsored by Campbell Transfer.
What seemed to be a fairly even game all changed when Jonathan Kessler went from being a player to coaching his team and aligning them with an offensive and defensive strategy that was nearly unbeatable. Kessler called a time out and spoke to the players with enthusiasm and encouragement to finish the game strong. He then coached them through a game plan he had in mind. He put the team into a full court press, which ended in multiple steals and easy baskets. They finished the game strong, winning 28-16.
“Words can’t even explain how proud I am of Jonathan,” said coach Anthony Campbell. “He has came a long way since last year when he played on my traveling team. I am looking forward to coaching him and watching him play for the rest of his career.”
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