Large Crowd Attends Emery County Democratic Convention


By Julie Johansen

A larger than usual crowd attended the Emery County Democratic Convention at the county building in Castle Dale on Wednesday evening.

The executive committee invited several candidates on the state and county level to present their platforms and desires for election to the membership and guests.

Secretary Kim Player opened the convention by stating the purpose and agenda for the meeting. Chairman Tim Glenn then introduced the rest of the committee: Tiffany Baker, vice chair, and Geoffery Smith, treasurer.

Jenny Wilson’s campaign manager spoke to the group and apologized for her absence, assuring the group the senate hopeful will be back in Emery County soon. Kent Moon, candidate for the US House of Representatives, introduced himself and stated his ability to negotiate with elected officials and desire to stop disarray and upheaval in Washington.

Unaffiliated candidates David Blackwell and John Barnett were invited to speak to the group. Blackwell stated his desire to return to the office of county attorney. He said his decision to run independently of either party was so that he would not be influenced by party regulations. He explained that his platform was one of integrity and experience. Barnett, candidate for county sheriff, voiced the same reason for not being affiliated with either major political party. He said he has over 21 years with Emery County Sheriff’s Office and over 4,000 hours of training in law enforcement. He stated he would love to serve the citizens of Emery County.

Tim Glenn shared his intent to run from District 69, even though the members there were not in his district. Tiffany Baker announced her intent to run for county commissioner in the next election. A printed copy of the county platform was distributed and discussion continued among the group. They stated that Emery County Democrats were not like other Democrats.

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