Letter to the Editor: Socialism in Utah?



I think I am being discriminated by the state of Utah because I enjoy horse racing.

I am unable to place a horse-racing bet with “Twin Spires” an internet program because of bad laws crafted by people that worried that gambling may disturb their focus on satisfying their ladies needs in the household. History would probably be different today if there had been more Feminine supervision during this difficult time. Trying to understand why our fore-fathers could have gone bonkers and put something so stupid in the law of the land could have only been made by people with to much to do.

In Fillmore where I was raised on the 2nd, 3rd an 4th of July there was always big celebration that included horse-racing. The Lions Club ran the parimutuel betting. This organization did this to provide monies for some deserving student that was graduating from High School each year to further his or her’s education.

Some lady’s husband lost a few dollars betting and she was mad and had the sheriff go and arrest the people that was running the betting. My Uncle Paul, the mayor of Fillmore was among them. The Sheriff went down to the Fair grounds and arrested every one and took them to the jail then left them there with the door to the jail open and went home. He never had any problem getting re-elected.

What the intentions of this law were, l don’t care. I dislike Socialism in any form especially religious efforts. Religious efforts to mandate behavior are what caused what History calls the “Dark ages”.

I think Utah Law “76-1 0-1102 Gambling” should be put where it belongs, in the sewer or trash canned.

Jon H. Sundstrom
Emery, UT


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