Letter to the Editor: Why I Support Chris Herrod 100%

I firmly support Chris Herrod’s candidacy to replace Jason Chaffetz.
I had the great opportunity to work with Chris on the Ted Cruz presidential campaign in Utah. Chris ran Cruz’s campaign in our state. At the time we launched Cruz’s Utah campaign, in December of 2015, the naysayers who told us Cruz would fail miserably were plentiful. Getting behind Cruz wasn’t the politically expedient thing to do then, but Chris isn’t one to test the political winds before he endeavors to do something.
When the winds of change came last year and Cruz became a major player in the election, many of our state’s politicians jumped on board just before the presidential caucus, but not Chris. He was there from the start, and proved instrumental in assembling the phenomenal success Cruz had in our state.
Ted Cruz has endorsed Chris Herrod’s candidacy, and just campaigned with Chris last week in Lehi.
From working with Chris, I’ve concluded that he isn’t involved politically for his own aggrandizement.  He sincerely believes in our Constitution and is trying to preserve our founding ideals. During his time in the Utah legislature, for example, he earned the reputation as someone who will stand by his principles and who isn’t afraid to go against the grain.  
I lived in DC for 6 years, so I’ve seen the political game played time again. Chris isn’t like the politicians there.  He is a rare breed:  someone who won’t play the game, but who has the integrity to stand up for what’s right and true.
We have the opportunity to nominate someone who will not only make our state proud, but who isn’t afraid to take the reins and lead. Please cast your vote for Chris Herrod.
Stefani Stone Williams
Executive Director for Ted Cruz’s Recent Presidential Campaign

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