Local Students Participate in Science Day at University of Utah


Press Release

Emery High Students with aptitudes in science attended Science Day at the University of Utah on Saturday, Nov. 4 This annual event is sponsored by The College of Science at the University of Utah. Over 500 High School students (grades 9-12) from around the Intermountain West were invited to attend a day of science-related workshops. These interactive workshops give high school students a great look at laboratory research and career opportunities in science, math and engineering.

The school’s participation in the event and the 17 EHS students attending was organized by Malone Moss, this year’s Science Sterling Scholar. Workshops included titles like Pre-Medical Physics, Spreading Diseases, Science of Death and Mayhem, Toothpaste and TNT and many others designed to give students a glimpse into the research done at the university. Emery High school was recognized in closing ceremony for having the school with a large number of students.

Attending The Science of Death and Mayhem at the U’s medical facility is always a premier workshop. Local students Mason Faimalo, Abbie Huntington, Brooklyn Olsen, Mckay Meccariello and Laura Ortiz were impressed in the way crimes are solved in the real world. Forensic investigations are the type of things we can’t do at our high school and give value to workshops such as this.

This yea, an EHS sophomore Connor Cramer was the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship to the University of Utah School of Science. Connor participated in Zapping Crystals with Lasers, Mirror Image Chemistry and The Mysteries of the Highest Energy Particles in the Universe.

These topics and experiences are not practical in small rural schools such as EHS. Opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) events like this couldn’t be possible without assistance and support from the community in which we live. We appreciate administrators, transportation, clerical and financial support from our local district to provide opportunity for tomorrow doctors, engineers and researchers.

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