Mitchell Continues to Push Through WORCS Series


Robbie Mitchell hit a bout of bad luck at a recent WORCS Series race in Cedar City, hurting his point total in the series but not stopping his drive.

“Last weekend in Cedar City, I accidentally bumped the shifter while the throttle was wide open exiting the second turn of the race,” Mitchell explained. “My bike was grinding between the gears for a second before they caught and exploded.”

Mitchell then had to push his bike to the trailer to swap engines. Following the pit stop, he hit the track again.

“It felt good to get out there even if it was only for one lap,” said Mitchell. “I have a firm belief in giving my all every race. This race my all was one lap.”

While Mitchell had success at the beginning of the WORCS series, repeatedly landing a spot on the podium, he is not going to let his last two finishes bring him down.

“I feel like I was ready to win in both of the past two races and I know it’s coming soon,” Mitchell concluded.

Mitchell will next gear up for a race in Straddeline, Wash. in the beginning of August.