October Hamilton Recognized by the Utah Library Association


Last summer, Carbon County Commissioners made the decision to not renew their contract with the Bookmobile. This decision was met with pushback from the community, including one brave youngster named October Hamilton.

Hamilton worked tirelessly to collect signatures from community members to protest the commissioners’ decision and hopefully continue Bookmobile services in the area. One main reason that Hamilton was so passionate about keeping the service running was due to her autistic brother, who is a great fan of the Bookmobile.

Through these efforts, Hamilton and other individuals were successful in keeping the Bookmobile around for another year, leading to a recognition ceremony on Wednesday. Britton Lund with the Utah Bookmobile began the event and welcomed Dan Compton to the stage. Compton is the Summit County Library Director as well as the past president of the Utah Library Association.

Compton stated that he was presenting Hamilton with the Legislative Award for Excellence in Political Affairs and Library Advocacy, which recognizes and individual or group that has shown a dedication to libraries. Hamilton was then welcomed to the stage to accept her award and graciously thanked those in attendance, the Bookmobile and the association for her award and recognition.

Those in attendance at the event were treated to grab bags with goodies from the Price and Helper City libraries as well as USU Eastern. Cookies and water were served and a tour of the Bookmobile was available.

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