Price City Council Vacancy Filled with Council Voting, Swearing in Ceremony


By Traci Bishop and Scottie Draper

During the regularly scheduled Price City Council meeting that took place on Wednesday evening, the council members had a task in hand. Due to former council member Wayne Clausing having to resign for a relocation, a vacancy was on the council.

Five hopefuls presented themselves to the council in the hopes that they would soon join them. Lief Nelson, Jesse Sloan, Dave Black, Amy Jespersen and Joe Christman vied for the position. Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo thanked the candidates and reminded all that this process is established by the state and decisions are all made in the eye of the public.

Each candidate was given a minute to introduce themselves and tell the council one thing that made each of them “famous.” Nelson stated that he has participated in a number of city government efforts in the past. Sloan stated that his wife and child are who made him famous, while Black maintained that he is in favor of working with the youth.

Jespersen informed all that she is most famous for her three beautiful daughters and Christman told the council that he is famous for being a former undercover narcotics agent in the area. The hopefuls were then given a number of questions, asked by each of the council members, and given a short amount of time to answer in the way that they saw best.

While each candidate had unique qualities that would make them a great fit for the position, it was ultimately decided by the council as a whole that Nelson would fill the vacancy.

On Thursday afternoon, Nelson was officially sworn into office in front of family, friends, elected officials and Price City employees. Nelson will immediately take over the roles Clausing left behind as an elected official for Price City.

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