Price City Council Welcomes 2018 at the Year’s First Meeting


2018 brought new mayor Michael Kourianos and city council member Amy Knott-Jespersen to their first Price City Council meeting of the year on Wednesday evening.

At the meeting, Norma Procarione, director of Price City Library, gave a report of what has been happening at the library over the past year. The yearly summary report included number of staff members currently employed at the library, the various programs and volunteer hours completed at the library.

New programs were introduced to the library in 2017. An after-school program from Castle Heights comes to the library regularly while another after-school program includes teaching kids how to code.

The basement was also finished over the past year with the mural completed by Nolena Dennison. The library is continuing to work on the CVGB grant in the hope of installing automatic door openers as well as an awning.

“We appreciate your continued support,” Procarione said to the council. “We hope to see improvement and look forward to working with you.”


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