Price City Police Department Warns of Counterfeit Bills


PCPD Press Release

The Price Police Department would like to warn residents that a number of counterfeit bills of two varieties are being circulated in the area.

1 – The first type are bills that are taped together. The perpetrator tapes parts of legitimate bills to parts of fake bills.

These bills are easily recognized by the large amount of tape on the bills, usually covering the fake portion so that currency pens are ineffective. The colors and patterns in the printing are usually mismatched or poorly aligned.

Price Police recommends that businesses refrain from accepting any bills that have been taped.

Legitimate bills that are repaired with tape may be exchanged at any local banking institution.

See the images below for examples.

2 – We continue to encounter Chinese novelty or theatrical bills. These bills are easily recognized by some of the following features –

– Chinese characters printed on front and back, or evidence that someone has tried to remove or erase the Chinese characters.

– Dashed double lines in the corners on both sides.

– Printed security strip. Authentic bills have embedded security strips that display “100” when the bill is tilted.

– Printed watermark. Authentic bills have portraits visible within the watermark when the bill is held up to light.

– Paper is not currency quality and does not contain the colored fibers found in authentic bills. The paper does not feel like authentic bills.

For more information on identifying counterfeits, please visit the following website –

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