Representative Carl Albrecht Pushes First Piece of Legislation to Governor’s Office

By Representative Carl Albrecht, District 70

Dear Constituents:
This week I got my first piece of legislation to the Governor’s Office, and have been actively advocating for the needs of Rural Utah.

Legislative Update

H.B. 23 – Passed both chambers and now awaits the signature of the Governor.
H.B. 33 – Passed the House and was presented in Senate Standing Committee on Thursday and passed to Senate floor.
H.B. 89 – Passed from Senate Committee to Senate floor
H.B. 188 – Passed the House and was sent to a Senate Committee.
H.J.R. 1 – was placed on the House third reading calendar.  It aims to exempt Utah from the Antiquities Act to avoid a bottom up versus a top down government approval approach.
H.J.R. 2 – Passed the House and Thursday moved to a Senate Committee.  This bill urges the relocating of the Department of Interior and U.S. Forest Service offices to Utah.

What Else?

Sixteen years ago, Utah hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics.  This year Utah legislature passed a Resolution (HCR 9) encouraging a committee to explore efforts into hosting the Winter Olympics in Utah again.  The efforts hope to create this opportunity by 2026.  Representative Albrecht supports this because it would take advantage of the already existing infrastructure that was built for the 2002 Olympics.
The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) met with me to consider possible incentive programs on my bill which would help businesses grow and create jobs in Rural Utah.
Along with my bills this week, I have also presented in Natural Resources Appropriations for two appropriation requests.  I represented the Department of Ag for the Grazing Improvement Program, and DWR for Coyote removal funding.
We have been scrubbing the budget in Natural Resources Appropriations to prepare it for Executive Appropriations.
The Utah Legislature and the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts have teamed up to give high school students an opportunity to see the Broadway hit Hamilton: An American Musical through a New National Letter Writing Competition.  The purpose is to get young people engaged in the legislative process and in their local communities.  To participate, a high school student must write a letter to one of their elected officials about an issue of concern in the community and include a proposed solution.  Entry ends at 9 A.M. on Tuesday, February 20th.
Rural Day:
Rural counties from all over Utah came to showcase the unique attributes and concerns of their respective areas on February 2nd.  Individuals were able to discuss policies with legislators that directly affect their rural communities.  We are glad to have them join us and enjoy the incredible diversity of the various areas of our state.

Recognized Visitors

I was visited by thirty North Sevier high school students who were brought by their faculty, Mr. Zach Leavitt and Mr. Rod Hurd, having an interest in government.  They were given a tour by my intern and their teachers as they observed our government in action.  They met me in Natural Resources Appropriations Committee, and were recognized in the House Chamber by the full body.

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