Salt Lake City TV Producer Updates Commissioners on Shows to Which Carbon County Has Given Nearly $20K


Chad Booth of Chadwick Booth & CO attended the first Carbon County Commission meeting in November to speak with the commissioners about the production of the television shows that he currently produces, “At Your Leisure” and “The County Seat.”

Booth reported to the commission that he had been traveling to counties throughout the state in hopes of expanding the knowledge base of issues that the counties need to deal with.

Booth stated that he also wanted to inform the counties of the changes to “The County Seat.” According to Booth, there will be some changes going into the 8th season of broadcasting. He then went on to state that “The County Seat” “took off” last year and became a very popular show.

Two audiences, according to Booth, that are always deemed important are the general audience and the audience on Capitol Hill. Booth stated that he works to ensure that he brings to the Wasatch Front some of the rural issues. As Booth and the commissioners worked to consider topics that could be worked into upcoming shows, he also gave logistics as to where “The County Seat” is broadcast.

Booth reported that a number of local channels host the shows statewide, including ETV Channels 10 and 6 locally. According ETV Channel 10 Station Manager Shannon Heugly, the shows are not locally broadcast through these channels. “At Your Leisure” and “The County Seat” both air statewide on ABC 4.

Carbon County gives money each year to Chadwick Booth & CO for advertising on the programs. According to Carbon County Clerk Seth Oveson, advertising money comes from restaurant tax and transient room tax. Approved in February of this year, a total of $17,500 was allocated to Booth.