Shining Some Light on Baseball


With baseball season quickly approaching, there are some updates needed at the Toy Atwood Baseball Complex.

The local Cal Ripken League is pursuing a grant from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund to receive new lighting systems on fields four and five in the complex. Jill Emerson, representing the Cal Ripken League, went before the Price City Council Wednesday evening to ask for a letter of support from the council for the grant application.        

Price City Public Works’ director Miles Nelson has been working with Emerson since December, gathering information on the grant as well as coming up with a budget and partnership to install the lighting systems in the event that the grant is funded. Together, Emerson and Nelson have planned  four lights per field in the grant, providing sufficient lighting for the fields.

The council viewed the grant as a great opportunity for the community, hoping it would bring more revenue and would stand as long-term infrastructure. The council approved drafting a letter of support for the grant.

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