Southeastern Utah Fishing Report


Photo by Ryan Mosley, Utah DWR

Information compiled by Morgan Jacobsen

Attention: Quagga and zebra mussels are a major threat to Utah waterways. Read how you can help keep them out of Utah.

Abajo Mountains – Good

Several waters on the Abajo Mountains are now accessible, and fishing has been good at most of them. In the past month, Monticello Lake, Lloyds Lake and Blanding Reservoir Nos. 3 and 4 have all been stocked with more than 1,000 rainbow trout, each averaging about 10 inches long. (05-23-18)

Academy Mill Reservoir – Closed

Academy Mill Reservoir may be accessible with four-wheel drive to the trailhead, but roads may still be muddy. Use caution. (05-23-18)

Benches Pond – Unstable ice

Benches Pond is accessible, but the ice is melting and too unstable for ice fishing. (05-11-18)

Boulger Reservoir – Closed

Boulger Reservoir is currently inaccessible with highway vehicles and it may have unstable ice. Access may be possible with a snow machine. (05-11-18)

Carbon County Community Fishing Pond – Good

The Carbon County Community Fishing Pond was stocked with 1,000 rainbow trout on March 28. Try using nightcrawlers or PowerBait to catch rainbow trout here. (05-23-18)

Cleveland Reservoir – Fair

The water is open at Cleveland Reservoir, but roads and the shoreline may be muddy. (05-23-18)

Duck Fork Reservoir – Good

Duck Fork Reservoir is now accessible. Try using soft-hackle flies to catch trout here. (05-23-18)

Electric Lake – Unstable ice

Electric Lake is accessible and still capped with ice, but ice thickness varies and it is too unstable for ice fishing. (05-11-18)

Fairview Lakes – Closed

Because of snow levels, the Fairview Lakes are currently inaccessible with highway vehicles. (05-11-18)

Ferron Reservoir – Closed

The gate on Ferron Canyon Road at Stevens Creek has been opened, but the gate past Willow Reservoir is still closed, so Ferron Reservoir is still inaccessible. (05-23-18)

Gigliotti Pond – Good

Gigliotti Pond was stocked on March 28 with 750 rainbow trout. Try using worms or PowerBait to catch rainbow trout here. (05-23-18)

Gooseberry Reservoir – Fair

Access to Gooseberry Reservoir is now open, but the campgrounds won’t have drinking water until June. (05-23-18)

Grassy Lake – Good

The water level is rising back to normal levels at Grassy Lake. Anglers have had success catching tiger trout using white jigs and spinners. (05-23-18)

Huntington Creek – Slow

Fishing has been slow on Huntington Creek below Electric Lake. (05-23-18)

Huntington Game Farm Pond – Good

Try using worms or PowerBait to catch rainbow trout here. Small flies may work well for bluegill. (05-23-18)

Huntington North Reservoir – Good

Anglers are now catching wipers and rainbow trout at Huntington North Reservoir. They’ve had success using a size 6 beadhead crystal bugger in brown/green/pearl colors. Fishing was best in the vicinity of the boat ramp. (05-23-18)

Huntington Reservoir – Fair

The reservoir is now thawed and accessible. Anglers may have the most success fishing in deep water using spinners or streamers. (05-23-18)

Joes Valley Reservoir – Fair

Fishing has been fair at Joes Valley Reservoir. Try using jigs tipped with chub meat or crankbaits to catch trout and tiger muskies here. Anglers have also had some luck using size 4 beadhead crystal buggers in black/silver and black/red/blue color combinations on fast-sinking fly line. (05-23-18)

Knight-Ideal Community Fishing Pond – Good

The Knight-Ideal Community Fishing Pond was stocked with 1,000 rainbow trout on March 28. Try using worms or PowerBait to catch trout here. Anglers have caught trout ranging from 8 to 14 inches since the pond reopened. (05-23-18)

La Sal Mountains – Good

Kens Lake and Rattlesnake Ranch Pond have both been stocked with several thousand rainbow trout that are more than nine inches long. (05-23-18)

Lower Fish Creek – Good

Fishing below the dam at Scofield Reservoir is good if you’re trying to catch chubs. (05-23-18)

Miller Flat Reservoir – Fair

The Miller Flat Road is now completely open, making Miller Flat Reservoir and Potters Ponds accessible. The Forest Service is working to clear downed trees and debris on OHV trails in the Miller Flat area. (05-23-18)

Millsite Reservoir & State Park – Fair

The water level at Millsite Reservoir is still low, but it has risen by about 10 feet since the ice thawed. There isn’t enough water to launch a boat. The daily limit of 16 fish has also been extended for another year at Millsite. Anglers have had success using leeches and crystal buggers. (05-23-18)

Petes Hole – Closed

Petes Hole and Soup Bowl may still be inaccessible due to muddy roads. Use caution when venturing here. (05-11-18)

Potters Ponds – Fair

Potters Ponds and other areas along the Miller Flat Road are now open and accessible. (05-23-18)

Right Fork of Huntington Creek – Fair

Try using soft-hackle flies or renegades to catch brown trout in Huntington Creek. (05-23-18)

Scofield Reservoir – Good

Anglers are catching mostly cutthroat trout from the shore using worms, PowerBait, spinners and soft-hackle flies in tan/green/pearl or midnight fire. Try fishing in the dam cove or along the western shore, including the Walk-in Access portion. Anglers have also been catching cutthroat trout using white or pearl sparkle tube jigs tipped with chub meat. Yellow garlic PowerBait has worked well for rainbow trout. Scofield Reservoir was stocked with 12,000 eight-inch cutthroat trout on April 18. A recent gill-net survey produced several large tiger and cutthroat trout, as well as two tiger muskies that were 19 inches long. All these fish were found to be feeding on chubs between two and six inches long. (05-23-18)

Soup Bowl – Closed

Soup Bowl and Petes Hole may still be inaccessible due to muddy roads. Use caution when venturing here. (05-11-18)

Straight Canyon Creek – Good

Anglers have had success catching brown trout using soft-hackle flies in Straight Canyon Creek. Anglers may catch more fish near the Joes Valley Dam, but the larger brown trout are further downstream. (05-23-18)

Willow Lake – Good

Willow Lake is now accessible, but the roads may be muddy. Use caution. (05-23-18)

Wrigley Springs Reservoir – Good

Wrigley Springs Reservoir was accessible on May 1, but recent snow may make the roads difficult to travel. Fish have been biting at the reservoir. Try using white jigs, spinners, worms and PowerBait to catch trout here. (05-23-18)

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