SRMS Outscores Other Middle Schools at CVAA Wrestling Tourney


By Julie Johansen

The annual Castle Valley Athletics Wrestling Tournament awarded the trophy to SRMS this week for a total of 344 points. Mont Harmon was second with 214, Helper earned 185 and Canyon View grabbed 183.5.

The first three placings in each weight class were as follows:

65 pounds: 1st Monty Christiansen SRMS, 2nd Carson Collard CVMS, 3rd Colt Burrows HMS
70 pounds: Mason Stilson SRMS, Mason Stewart SRMS, Braxton Ward CVMS
75 pounds: Merritt Meccariello SRMS, Brax Tapia HMS, Braxtin Henrie MHMS
80 pounds: Mason Crawford SRMS, Brayson World CVMS, Travis Moosman MHMS
85 pounds: Sid Christiansen SRMS, Colton Lowe MHMS, Zeek Weber SRMS
90 pounds: Jess Christiansen SRMS, Kayden World CVMS, Matt Olsen SRMS
95 pounds: Byron Christiansen SRMS, Colton Fausett MHMS, Brendon Williams HMS
100 Pounds: Isaac Robinson MHMS, Landyn Campbell HMs, Peyton Alton SRMS
105 pounds: Tyler Stilson SRMS, Ashtun Guymon MHMS, Hagen Chidester CVMS
111 pounds: Easton Thornley SRMS, Kaylob Mitchell MHMS, Bode  Salas HMS
118 pounds : Xavier Barajas MHMS, Will Carmichael HMS, Deon Gravett, MHMS
125 pounds: Josh Olsen SRMS, Benson Moore MHMS, Tyrell Guymon CVMS
132 pounds: Peyton Kimber MHMS, Ryker Jensen SRMS,  Darom Garner HMS
140 pounds: Madden Christman CVMS, Juan Rodriquez SRMS, Anthony Shumway HMS
150 pounds: Hayes Dalton SRMS, Davin Moss, HMS
160 pounds: Nate Morley HMS, Jace Mangum SRMS
Heavy Weight: Jakob Robertson HMS, Derek Sidwell SRMS

Medals were presented to the top three places in each weight class.