Still Waiting for Federal Review of Concrete Plans at Millsite Rehabilitation


By Julie Johansen

The outlet works at Millsite are finished except for a few “punch-list” items. The hydraulic and electric switches are in place and everything seems to be working well, according to reports from the site crew. This allows for the embankment work to continue.

The shouldering machine is layering the six zones of material to build the embankment. At this time, both the north and south side of the outlet tunnel are layered and compressed during the day. The berm on the downstream side of the dam is built during the night shift to keep level with the embankment. The critical path is the embankment of the rehabilitation of the dam.

The spillway is still waiting for federal review of phase three of the concrete redesign. The covering for the cracks in the concrete already poured has been brushed on as far as possible with the backfill of the dirt. This delay has spanned a couple of months and cannot continue until the review is returned with instructions for the redesign. An independent review has already been completed and the new design will come from the design team.

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