Walking Monk Makes a Spirited Stop in Price City


Community members were treated to a special event on Sunday afternoon when The Walking Monk, Bhaktimarga Swami, made Price City one of his stops on his walking tour of America.

Swami was born in 1952 in Ontario, Canada and adopted the Hari Krishna lifestyle in 1973. Locals were able to enjoy Swami’s point of view at the¬†Southeastern Integrative Healing Arts Center. Swami believes that walking is a perfect way to become better acquainted with nature.

The walking tour is, in part, to promote a healthy global lifestyle as well as a simple meditative life. It is Swami’s belief that if everyone worked to concentrate their energies into their own personal development physically and spiritually, they would be happier overall.

This tour is also a commemoration of the 50th anniversary to the incorporation of the Hari Krishna movement, ISKCON, in America. Spiritual chants known as kirtan took place at this free event as well.