Water Line Break Update Given by PRWID


Several Carbon County residents and businesses have been without water since Friday evening and the problem is not expected to be resolved until Thursday.

The issue started with Price River Water Improvement District (PRWID) discovering several water line breaks. The first was discovered and repaired in the Miller Creek area, then a second break was discovered near the Carbon County Fairgrounds. Finally, a significant third break was found near the Carbon County Golf Course on the west side of Highway 6. Once the break was reached, 28 feet deep, workers stated that the break in the pipe must have been there for quite some time, as the surrounding soil was completely saturated with water.

PRWID Director Jeff Richens said that on Monday evening, trench boxes were set. Just as the crew was finishing and two employees were climbing out, the wall caved in. This left the employees somewhat shaken, but uninjured. Crews were traded at 12:30 a.m. and continued working around the clock.

Richens stated that there was a meeting at the site early Tuesday morning to decide if the course was the best to pursue or if direction needed to be changed.

“At this point, the best case is that we are still two days away,” Richens stated.

Richens continued by stating that Price City has been very generous with assistance; however, moving that much water is very difficult and the crew is doing its best and working with all of the options available.

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