Water Resources Update Presented to Price City Council


A regularly scheduled Price City Council meeting took place on Wednesday evening. During the meeting, the consideration and possible approval of a resolution to establish a new business license fee for businesses operating in Price City was discussed.

Council member Rick Davis stated that the change was explained well and is just one adjustment. He then made a motion to approve this change, which was seconded by co-council member Kathy Hanna-Smith. No further discussion was made by the other council members and the motion was approved by the council.

A water resource update was also presented to the council by Miles Nelson. As of Nov. 7, Scofield Reservoir’s elevation was at 7,610.29 with a water content of 46,318 acre feet. This equals to a 70.4% capacity.

The meeting adjourned early in order to give those that wished a chance to attend the Carbon County Budget Open House that was beginning at 6 p.m. that evening.


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