Wrestlers Qualify for State Tourney at 3A Divisionals


By Julie Johansen

Several wrestlers from both Carbon and Emery high schools qualified for the state tournament by placing in the top eight in each weight class. Emery Spartans had four wrestlers in the finals and Carbon had three come to compete for first and second. Each team entered 18 wrestlers in the weekend divisional contest.

The Dinos team boasted first place for Casey Shiner and second for Bradely Judd. Other state entries will be Astacia Gomez, Caleb Marshall, Tacie Tapia, Kaiden Lee, Kaden Gibson, Bobby Blake, Caleb Sanderson, Conner Fausett, Keitlyn Hunt, Nathan Cowley, Jacob Barlow, Josiah Martinez, Triton Abeyta and Blake Grundy. Carbon gathered 213.5 points in the Division A tourney and placed fifth.

For the Spartan squad, AC Reeve captured first place while Newt Oveson, Korby Christiansen and McKay Meccariello all finished second. Other state hopefuls include Jarien Allen, Dwain Farley, James Oveson, Drake Mangum, Chase Christiansen, Zach World, Bryar Meccariello, Gus Dalton, Braden Howard and Drake Hoffman. Emery earned 277 team points and finished fourth in the Division B Tournament.

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