Youth Participation at Fierce MMA & Fitness Swells Thanks to Community-Wide Generosity


Tuesday’s jiu-jitsu class at Fierce MMA & Fitness boasted more participants than usual as the business offered its first free class for local youth.

In light of the recent controversy revolving around last week’s graduation night bust, Cody Bunderson, owner of Fierce MMA & Fitness, took it upon himself to offer an outlet for local youth to channel their time and energy in a safe environment. That is why for the month of June, youth ages five to 18 can enjoy the classes offered at Fierce for free.

The first free class of the month took place on Tuesday, where Fierce MMA & Fitness saw nearly three times as many participants in the class.

“We have had so many people reach out and willing to help,” Bunderson shared. “We have lots of work to do and we will get better every single day.”

This work at Fierce MMA & Fitness has been recognized by other local business. According to Bunderson, there have been pledges by the community to sponsor children who cannot afford classes following the free month but would still like to participate. This has spurred Bunderson to reevaluate the program and seek ways to expand its offerings to local youth.

“I have plans of turning the entire youth program into a non-profit organization,” he said.

Throughout the month of June, youth will be able to enjoy classes Monday through Thursday at Fierce MMA & Fitness. Classes take place in the evenings and are divided into age groups.

For more information on classes and Fierce MMA & Fitness, call (435) 630-0848 or visit the facility at 1695 S. Highway 10 in Price.

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